Compression issue?

I've had trouble starting my 2012 crf250r it feels like it is lacking compression, would it need a rebuild? Any help?

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If you have the exhaust plug in it will feel like that. Otherwise, check to make sure your spark plug is tight, then go to your valves and hot start. Make sure they're in spec.

probably time for just a topend change, but check the valve clearances first. If they're fine, remove the topend, and replace it. WHile the head is off, check the valves for leakage. I'm doing a CRF250r for a guy right now. He was convinced it needed a new topend, as it was getting harder to kickstart so he brought me a 280 kit to install. I checked clearances, and they were good. Pulled the topend, and checked the valve seal. The intakes were leaking pretty good, one more than the other. Time for a proper valve job. Piston was visibly worn, and rings didnt look too good either.

Thanks for all the help guys, does anyone know how much a rebuild would cost as i am not too good with mechanics?

P.S I'm in australia

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