rmz250 04 not going into 2nd gear easily

Hi guys,

Let me start by saying thanks this forum has helped me loads on my bike to solve problems but as of only just getting the bike last year as a bit of a toy/ project it has had many teething problems.

it has had a few upgrades and new parts, whole new top-end and hot cams.

The first time out the clutch would not engage so had to bump it, when I got back I stripped the clutch and found the plates where sticking and the main hub nut was finger loose. so I sorted that out and now the clutch works so I can stop and not need to bump start it.

On the next time out I found it has problems going into 2nd gear, it will go in some times power-shifting or using clutch but it doesn't go in as it should.

It looks like it has had a fall from the last guy as the clutch lever is bent up. I read that it maybe the shifting fork?? don't want panic as of yet so I thought I would ask.

I've been wondering if there's an easy fix or am I looking at nice bottom end strip to find the problem? I do have the workshop manual so is it worth taking to a mechanic to get them to do the work.

Would love to hear thoughts and I will more than happy to let you know my findings.

Many thanks in advance.

Splitting the cases on these bikes is not a big deal if you have the manual

Tha being said you must be confident you can get it down to the cases....if you can strip everything off of the cases and be ready to split them open, the tranny inside is cake, bearing in mind you have the manual....honda manuels are so much better....and not a clymer...the factory service manual. Probabaly worn gears or could be bent shift forks...first to second is the first to go though when the gears get worn. Does it shift fine the rest of the way from 2 fto 5...if so prolly just need those two gears. There are square notches on the side of the gears....those are what get rounded and cause it to jump out of gear or be hard to get in gear.

if you've never been inside cases before I wouldn't go at it alone. Or at least access to somebody that can come and put things back in order for you.

To Shanecarr, as I am in fields at the moment it can be tricky to get in to higher gears but third isn't as difficult but still have abit of a fight. When I had it on the stand in the yard I shifted through the gears fine up to 5th.

The stripping of the bike down to the crank case isn't a worry done loads of top end stuff on bikes just never needed to touch the crank case.

To chadk66 thanks I will try to track someone down to help just in case.

Thanks again guys will keep you posted.

Just an update, I found if I double clutch I can get it in the gear. It seems to be going into neutral first then just lift back up an it goes in fine?? Havent split the case yet.

this might sound stupid but it's something I've seen in the past.

where is your gear selector positioned ?

e.g., if u had a taller boot and wanted to reposition the lever so you can put your foot under easier ?

I know you can only move it up 1 spline if u go any further the shifter will hition the chain. sometimes it will go in gear sometimes it won't.

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