2 pics from my race

Nothing special but I've never had any pictures taken of me in my 20 years of riding, so Im pretty pumped about it. Raced "Open B" 3rd overall and "250B" and placed 6th overall. Did much better in the open class after the track was worked in a little. Got beat by a dude on a Yz250 (can be seen in the 1st pic, roosted me all day long in both classes) and a dude on a KX450. They were both hauling the mail! Started up front in both motos but was passed in the 1st lap in both motos. I kept up for about 2 laps, then they were gone. Had arm pump really bad that day, I think I was over gripping because the track was tilled really deeply so I was off the back of the bike most of the day. Anyways, here are my pics. Pretty lame, but like I said before they are the first pics I have ever had taken of me other than some with a cheap digital camera that my girl takes and only gets 1/2 of my body in the pics.

Word is that there will be a photographer there every weekend and wed practice now. So hopefully I can get some more pics.



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nothing lame about those pix! looking forward to more and good riding btw!

nothing lame about those pix! looking forward to more and good riding btw!

Thanks A LOT! Supposed to rain tomorrow so practice will probably be cancelled unless the storms hold off. I plan on racing Saturday but my bowling banquet is also Sat so it all depends on how many people show up and what times the motos will be that dictate whether I will be racing or not. Hopefully there is a TON of people showing up to race this weekend so they will bump motos to Sunday. Usually if there is a bunch of people that show up, most of them race C class so they race Sat night in multiple motos under the lights and then the B and A races will be Sunday evening.

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Looks good, colors look great!

Looks good, colors look great!

Thanks man!

Are you going to buy those pics?

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