Faulty YZ fuel tanks

I have a 99 YZ400F and my fuel tank cracked on the bottom toward the rear of the tank. The dealer wants $350 for a replacement. I've heard of many late model YZ tanks cracking in the Tucson area. If this is a widespread problem, Yamaha should replace these tanks for free. You would also think they would be concerned about safety issues. Yamaha refuses to replace my tank and the Customer Service Rep told me "this was the first she has heard of these tanks cracking". I'm looking for others who have had similar problems or know of friends who have. Please email me at badYZtanks@hotmail.com with the model, year and where your tank cracked. Maybe we can convince Yamaha to take care of us. Thanks, Jim Broc

Search this forum, there are many posts here about cracked tanks. At least one person had the tank replaced free.

$350 is an outrage. I paid $229 when mine cracked. I called a bunch of dealers and the pricing was all over the map.

My '00 tank cracked after about 6 months, was replaced by Yamaha through Metro Motorsports here in Phoenix but not without the service manager battling them for me.

They asked if the bike was being raced. Like it's sold/marketed as something other than that!

The final word was that oxygenated fuel causes the plastic to get brittle so you must drain the tank after riding. Bullcrap!

I thought this was mostly a problem with the '00 models as I was told to check the date on the new tank because the '98 and '99 tanks were thicker. My '98 cracked (same area) but only after 2 years of use/abuse (no warranty).

Yours probably is too old too warranty and you must be the original owner if they do.

The truth is they made the tanks too thin and the flexing by the seat causes the cracks.

Yamaha is lucky no one has caught on fire from the leak, imagine that lawsuit!!!!!

There are probably enough of these tanks to open a class action suit, maybe someone should start collecting VIN # of the bikes that the tanks cracked on and see how bad the problem really is?

Good Luck with yours!

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a couple weeks ago a buddy mentioned having to buy a new tank for his 01 426

Yamaha changed their mind and decided to replace my tank at no charge. I'm now happy. The 99 YZ400F has been the best bike I've ever owned and the only problem I've ever had has been with the fuel tank. Now that Yamaha is standing behind their products makes the bike even better.

The tank on my 99 400 as well as my friends 00 426 cracked in the same place about 9 months ago.My dealer in the U.S checked with Yamaha and said they didn,t know of tanks cracking and therefore no replacement.Numerous attempts to repair the crack/leak only lasted a short time.In the end I had to buy a replacement tank from Yamaha (US$200).As previously discussed I believe the cracking is due to the tanks flexing and the plastic being too thin.(I heard Yamaha went to a thinner plastic on 99+ models).Good luck in dealing with Yamaha but I think it will take someone getting hurt and a lawsuit before you see any action.

I have seen so many posts on this board alone from people who have spoken with Yamaha about this problem that I no longer believe that the top brass at Yamaha don't know that there is a problem. It seems that success in getting a tank replaced for free depends on who you get on the phone when you call and how well your dealer will stand behind you. Unfortunately I think you're right about taking a lawsuit to get anything meaningful done. I wonder if the Yamaha factory riders are using unmodified stock tanks, and if so I wonder how many they break? My '01 doesn't leak yet, but all of these posts have me concerned enough to check it closely every time I have the seat off.

Cris, my 00-426 tank was just recently replaced by Yamaha. Your dealer may have spoken to the local Yamaha rep and not the head office. If you are not getting any satisfaction, I suggest you speak with customer service direct. I had to, as the first response I got was no from the local rep. The replacement is still processed through your dealer, so you must keep your dealer in the loop.

Good luck!



After a very short battle, Yamaha replaced mine a few weeks ago. Only took them three days from the day I took it to the dealer. (I made some pretty lengthy posts with the details.) Anyhow, I think ALOT depends on the dealer you go through. Also, like anything else, stand firm. If they think they can get away with not replacing it, they'll probably try. Don't take no for an answer.

Yamaha decided to replace my tank on a 99 yzf400.

I first called 1-800-88-yamaha and spoke to cust. service. They took my vin info and said that my tank was too old it would probably not be replaced and I told them I was not happy. They did advise me to take it to a local dealer which I did. The dealer also wanted the vin info, approximate hours on the bike and if the bike was abused or not. They contacted Yamaha and called me back saying Yamaha would not replace the tank. I then called Yamaha and told them that this is apparently a widespread problem and they should replace the tank. They called the dealer, spoke to the service mgr and next think I know, they changed their mind. I now have a new tank coming. Be nice and persistant. I think a lot of it depends on what the service mgr says to them. Good luck.

Do you have to be the original owner to get the tank replaced? I am the second owner and my bike came from a dealer about 1,000 miles away! I am in need of tank #3!

Hey, do you think Yamaha will replace my tank? I had the bike on the stand last weekend while adjusting my suspension, the bike started to lean and before I could catch it, it fell over and hit the corner of my tool box. The gas cap hit and it peeled the tank open like an orange. I wish I could shake this black cloud that's hangin' over my head, everything seems to be goin' wrong lately. Oh well, ordered a new Clarke tank, hope it's a good fit... :)

Just a word of caution on the Clarke tanks. I received a replacement tank last Friday from Clarke for my '01 426. It did not match the shape of the OEM tank AT ALL and would not even fit on the bike. The invoice that came with the tank states it will fit bikes ranging from a '99 YZ400 through my model year, but no dice. I have not been able to speak to Clarke yet, since they're closed on weekends and so for now I'm guessing the wrong tank was sent to me. Bummer. We'll see.

I just ordered a Clarke tank for my 99, I hope it fits! Let us know what you find out about yours. Mine should be here this Friday?? If it doesn't fit I'll be sure to bitch about it here first.

i am getting a clarke stock yz tank for my 98 wr for x-mas. hope it fits. any ideas? i don't see why it wouldn't.

Looped Out,

According to Clarke, they sent the wrong tank. They sent me the YZ125/250 tank. Overall, Clarke was very easy to deal with and offered to pay for return shipping of the old and delivery of the new tank. However, rather than waiting another week, and miss racing on Sunday, I picked up a tank at Chaparrel, so Clarke is going to credit the my VISA account when they get their tank back.

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