Pim 2

Hi guys did somebody put a pim 2 in his RMX? His it worth it?


His there someone alive lol?!?!?

Hi guys did somebody put a pim 2 in his RMX? His it worth it?


Considering that when you buy an FMF exhaust system for an RMX they'll throw in a CRB for free then and you'll have way more performance than what the PIM 2 offers, why would anyone bother with the PIM 2?

I was just wondering if it would give us a little more power...

Cause my friend has a crf450x and his just 1 bike in front... I need just a little more lol

Cause my friend has a crf450x and his just 1 bike in front... I need just a little more lol

Yes, the quest for more power is never ending! Is your bike modified in any way? Because after you fix the throttle stop, just buy an FMF muffler (with the mega bomb header if you can swing it), the muffler will come with the "Cherry Bomb" that switches the ignition over to a more agressive setting. At that point I would be willing to bet that your friends CRFx will be a couple lengths behind you.

Yes all mods are done and more next step i need to open the motor bit im not ganna open it cause i wont to stay bulletproof as possible... Im just searching for a little more to do outside the engine!

Ok, then a muffler with the cherry bomb should be your next step. That should put you in front of that CRFx.

Everything is done snorkal, triangle on side panel, cbr, fmf power bomb header with stoke slipe on but open, engine ice!

Have you done the throtle stop? Without this mod the other mods would be pointless. I dont think their is a CRFX that will touch my bike, open pipe, CB and throtle stop as well air box with good fuel. It is as fast as I need it to go lol. You could always try a gearing mod, change one tooth on front sprocket, this is cheap and easy to do and you might find a little more junk when you open it up? Pim will do you no good unless you are a fuel inj tech and know allot about fuel trim and can dyno your bike on a reg basis. Just some thoughts for you :)

Everything is done and more!!!

Well, if your tires are worn out, fresh rubber will make a huge difference in acceleration! Possibly much more than a bike length.

Try switching bikes, he could just be a better rider.

We switch bikes and im in front with is bike... I will need to live with it i think haha

the pim is a good idea and isn't that hard to use at all. Take the altered map for a standard engine off the yohi site and go from there. Also while your at it download all the maps they offer for the different pipe combos and study where they make changes and why. Before you know it you'll be tuning in no time

I wont to put a pim2 AND the data box his that a good idea you think?




i have a Pim 2 on my RMX ;-)


it is definitely better than stock !! WP_20131227_006.jpg


power delivery is  now like a RMZ 450 ! what a difference !!  ... you can choose 2 different maps pre-loaded.


i have added a  akrapovic full exhaust  ... 


it's a real pleasure to ride ! 





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