handle bar position front to rear

04 yz450f, little over 6'2", Fly Racing top clamp with adjustable bar mounts. I'm looking for a little more room, I'm new to MX and when I ride I feel like I need to be forward in the attack position for proper balance( I;m very chest heavy) Doing this makes my hands feel like they'd be more comfortable with the bars adjusted forward on the mount. right now they are all the way aft. are there any ill effects from moving them forward with respect to handling or am I too new to notice anyway?

Move them forward. You'll be much happier.

The best thing for you to do to your bike is to tailor it for your size and riding ability. We tall guys will need to set up our bikes different than a shorter rider. What works for you may not work for someone else, but you need your bike set up for you. Best thing you can do to your bike's handling is personalize your bike for you and your riding. Suspension, handlebars, seat, foot pegs, engine, levers, etc. As you progress in your riding you'll want to play around with everything and make notes as to how it feels. Eventually it'll all fall into place for you. Then you'll let a smaller, lighter, faster, more experienced friend ride your bike and he'll say it handles wierd but it works for you and that is what's important.

Thanks for the help guys. the bike currently has a pro taper with a low rise bend, would something a little higher be worth trying in addition to moving them forward? I realize that is a bit on an open ended question since it boils down to individual preference.

Yes. Properly bent, a bar for a taller rider will not only rise farther, it will position the riders hands farther forward as well in the "0" position. The Pro Taper Windham bend rises considerably higher than the low stock bend, but also shifts the hand position well forward. The bar is extremely popular with those on this board who have tried it. I run them and couldn't be happier with them. I'm about 5'10". My son' who is near 6'4" also ran them on his YZ450 and loved them. IMO, they will fix most of your complaints by themselves.

I suggest moving your current bars forward, making sure to set the rest of the controls back to compensate for the new bar angle, and see how you like it. You might need another bar bend for your ultimate comfort but start with this adjustment. Just this weekend I decided to look for a little more room in the "cockpit" of my 1999 YZ400F and tilted my handlebars forward a little. They were tilted back a bit and now they are pretty much vertical, and the riding position is now much more comfortable for me at 6'2"

Yeah I can't agree enough about adjusting all the controls and levers to your own personal preference. Usually whenever I get on someone else's bike it seems like the clutch and f. brake levers are pointed skyhigh and I wonder how they could possibly ride it that way, but that's only because I prefer a slightly downward angle on my levers.

I assume the Windham/ RM mid bend is the recommended bar? @ DGXR I probably should have included that my bike had a high CR bend when I got it last year. A riding buddy gave me some of the low bend bars to check out since mine were greatly narrowed for woods riding. I liked the extra 2.5 inches on each end but the bars were a little low. I changed my linkage and swingarm bearings which netted me another inch in ride height this amplified what I was already feeling with the low bars.

ordered the evo windhams Thanks Guys!!

Windhams made ALL the difference!! Thanks again guys

Good to hear. Did you rotate the bar clamps so they are more forward?

I set them at 0 on rotation and moved them one notch forward on my adjustable bar clamp. I must say that as an old new overweight MX rider my confidence level went through the roof. The bike was soooo much more controllable.

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