deadman switch on a wr400f

im wanting to wire a deadman switch plus a power on/off switch on to my street legal wr400f to try and keep it from walking away in the middle of the night. now my problem is i dont have a battery can this b done and if so how any info will b get thx guys

You can splice into your engine kill switch, with a simple on/off toggle switch hidden on or under the bike somewhere, (inside the airbox would be well hidden) This will act as if the handlebar kill switch is constantly being pressed interrupting the circuit. Or you could find a keyed ignition switch to mount on the bike somewhere for real security. But in the end, it's a Dirtbike.. 2 guys can lift that sucker into a truck and be gone in 5 minutes kill switch or not.. I would get a heavy duty bike cable (harder to cut through). You'd need power tools to cut one off, as opposed to a chain you just use bolt cutters on. Then with the cable, connect it to your car wheel, a pole, or you can make a Deadweight anchor, basically dig a hole a couple feet deep and drop a cinder block into the ground with cable looped into it (feel free to pour some concrete in there with it if your feeling hardcore) then bury it back in. Now you just lock your bike to that cable end sticking out of the ground.

And finally, you can always wheel your baby inside every night like me :D

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ya i got one of those really really thick bike cable locks and lock my back tire when im out and to a light pole when im home. its said when we got to worry about stuff like this. as for the on/off, deadman,key switches its just a added thing right

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