DR650 Android Phone app...

This app puts all the information you could ever need about your DR650 on your smartphone. What a valuable tool. Thanks MXRob! :ride:


Thanks CG!

Outstanding. THX Rob!

When will we see it for iTunes?

Once I'm finished with development on the Android app I will look into the iPhone app and what it would cost to develope.

Edited by mxrob

Thanx mxrob downloading to phone as I type this. As allways you are one of this sites and the DR650's treasures

I just got v1.1 uploaded to Google Play... :D Enjoy!


You're a Godsend in the DR world, just got v1.3 on S4.

Thank you once again for sharing your talents :worthy:

Edited by malmonDR

Still no iPhone version?

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