Need advice setting up the front end on my 2012 RMZ-450 for desert racing. What off set triple clamps should go to? Or leave the stock off set and just use the Scotts steering stabilizer? I'm guessing I need to rake the front end out since RMs have such a steep steering angle, Right? Would be nice if I could just throw a stabilizer at it and be done.

Any other advice would be great. I've never raced desert before.

Throw a stabilizer on it and be done.;)

Offset clamps don't rake the front end. They change the trail. Believe it or not less offset than stock (wheel pulled back more towards bike) is more stable because it increases trail. Too hard to explain without a drawing. If you do a Google search for motorcycle geometry you will find some explanations. Here's one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_and_motorcycle_geometry

I have the Ride 20mm offset clamps with no stabilizer on my '11 and really like the handling - excellent in corners and down rough straights. I grew up riding desert in AZ, but now on east coast just MX, but plenty of high speed sand whoops! I see Ride Eng. offers a bracket to use the showa (CRF) steering damper.

My 2 cents: If you're gonna buy a stabilizer anyway, I would do that first. Push the fork tubes down flush and run your stock clamps. Maybe increase sag a little. Both those things will stabilize the bike more. See how it does! If no likey get some offset clamps.

P.S. I know the pro teams mess with rake by using head bearing races that are machined at an angle.

I would love to hear from some pure desert guys about setting up a Zuk. :)

Scott's/ohlins damper, forks level with triple clamps, you could try fork tube or as extreme as fork cap level, then I would play a lot with the sag to find something your happy with

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