Dielectric grease

Is it ok to use on my FI bike for the electrial connections? 2011 Honda CRF450R?


X2 on the yes. I use it on all electrical connectors. Keeps corrosion and water out. Cam.

That's good.

Thanks guys.

Street bike for sure-good idea on dirt bike especially if you live somewhere with alot of water crossings but note that if you ride in extremely dirty/dusty conditions you will find it will attract dirt/sand.

The connections are waterproof and don't need dielectric grease to function properly if the seals are in good working condition and the connections are assembled clean and dry without corrosion. Do not assemble them wet, greased or not, they will corrode. The 2-piece seal assemblies have multi-lip seals to keep the "bad" stuff out, and yes the grease will attract dirt upon assembly and disassembly cycles, doing far more harm than good in the long run. If you pressure wash your bike, stay away from the connectors and all wiring and you won't have any issues. Dirty and wet dielectric grease jammed into the connectors is not a good thing.

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