Lowering link

Does anyone have a lowering link? I'm thinking about getting one for my 12 KX450. Just wondering if they make any difference with cornering and overall feel of the bike.

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I have the optional OEM lowering link on my 12 KX450F and I believe it helps. The stock shock felt dead and it would hit me in the rear end over large braking bumps. With the link the bike doesn't kick me in braking bumps, it sticks to the ground better in turns and tracts out of turns better. The OEM optional link doesn't look trick like the aftermarket lowering links but it does the job and it was much easier on my wallet.

Does the oem link come with the bearings in it like the more expensive ones do?

No. It comes without bearings in it.

In case anyone is wondering, It is easy to push the out and back in with the right size socket driver and a plastic mallet. Remove needles, sit it on a suitable wood block and heat gun the alum quickly.

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