Delaware Enduro


May 5th is the Delaware enduro. We have been busting butt to cut 70 plus miles of new trail. You won't be dissapointed in what we have to offer. This will be a all START CONTROL enduro, so no timekeeping is required just like the Nationals. We will have 10 sections of balls to the wall racing, so bring out your Harescramble buddy's. We are very accomodating to get tru tech, just put a headlight & tailight doesn't have to work, also a license plate & your good to go. See ya May 5th...


Pls telll! Where is it? Any flyers, links. I'm interested.

Edited by Fast Willy

Awesome enduro! It was the best Delaware that Ive ridden! One of the best enduros that Ive ridden!

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