1998 kx250 wheel options

Has anyone successfully run newer wheels from a newer 250 or 450f on the older (I guess 94-02?) kx250? I know the axle size is different but I thought maybe someone had found a bearing combination that makes it work.

I'm starting to rebuild a '98, it will need some wheels and I was looking for some different options.

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I think the newer wheels work, you just use the older bearings.

I think the newer wheels work, you just use the older bearings.

Never even thought of that as a possibility! Maybe I can find someone with some newer bearings laying around to measure the OD and thickness with calipers or micrometer and I'll pull out the old ones when I get home tonight and measure them.

I compared two wheelsets a while back. I never got to measure 100% but the OD of the bearings were the same.

I just looked into some measurements. The rear wheel bearing size for 02 and older bikes are 20x42x12mm. 03+ bearings are 25x42x9mm. So you need a 20x42x9 bearing or you need to cut the inside of the hub. You can find that size bearing, I'm not sure if they're sealed though.

Thanks for the info. I'm sure a bearing can be found in that case. This is all just speculation trying to figure out what the options are but if I end up trying it I will share my findings on fitment. I wonder if a bushing exists at 20mm ID and 25mm OD as another option?

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