TTR 125 Starting Issues

This is my wife's bike and does not get started very often. It has always been hard to start/warm up. Now the battery is dead, and even if I try to kickstart it it will not start.

I have cleaned the carb and installed a new spark plug. I tested the new plug and it is getting a good spark. The carb is getting gas. So I am trying to figure out why this bike will not start.

Will it start with the kickstarter if the battery is dead?

It should start fine with the kick-starter if the battery is dead. You could try jump starting it with another battery. Also, check the boot between the carb and the cylinder. If this is cracked the mixture the engine is receiving could be so wrong that it won't start.

Mine does. Battery hasnt held a charge since i got it 2 months ago. It cant drive a load sensibly with a good boost either. Upgrade the battery, check for spark with the ignition on, you said it was good, so next would be to check the fuel right?

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