Xr400 or or Xr250?

Which one?

Both! Neither! Wait,,, what was the questions again?

How big are you, and what kind of riding?

250r is better for the tight technical stuff.

XR400 if you want tractor like bottom end torque. :thumbsup:

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I just upgraded from a xr250r to a xr400r. I am 16. I am 185cm tall pretty strong. My 250r was a good fast bike. My 400r is twice the power. ALSO FOR SOME PEOPLE ITS TWICE THE WEGHT OR FEELS LIKE IT. 250r quicker through tight. 400r quicker in general.

16 years old, 11 years experience, already have a CRF250X, it's just going to be my play bike. I was going to get a 125 but I like the XR because it's more of a trail bike. I ride desert.

Desert = Xr650r :D

I'd agree if they weren't so heavy. Haha. I'm thinking the 400. Its just going to be a bike for really tough terrain and stuff like that and so I have an extra if I need it.

For just playing XR250, if you need to ride in the Nevada sand then 400

I'm sure some sand will be involved. It will probably be the 400.

Love my 400... never thought the 250 was more capable at anything...

So do you think the 250 would be enough? It's just going to be an extra/trail bike.

400 motor in a 250 would be perfect .

250 has 6 gears which is nice. The tighter and more technical the trails, the better the 250 is. The more open the trails, fire roads, sand, the more power you're gonna want and need. So 400 would be better.

How much do you weigh? I'm only 145 so the 250 scoots me around pretty darn good.

150-160 without gear.

Tough choice still lol, at that weight you could go either way. I think the 250 will be easier for you to throw around nd a tad more fun. My buddy is 210 and he always liked the 250 but when we'd race it and clock times... Hah, he knew a 400 would be the ticket for him!

So more power, but more weight.

Or less weight and more maneuverability.

the 400 is maybe 20 more pounds and has monster low end torque. i love my 400 but wouldnt mind having a 650r for some more un-needed power to play with. the 400 would be perfect with 6 gears!

I would rather have the 400 on the highway, but in the dirt, the 250 is lighter. The 250 has plenty of low end tractor-like power to climb anything you can get traction on. Add a four gallon tank and you have a 240 mile range. The 250 is a lot easier to kick start.

I just did a ride with a 400 and a 650 on my 250 and I can ride as fast as they are willing to ride and faster around corners on dirt roads. Tight trails are easy on the 250, though the 400 does really well with a strong rider.

The 250 won't wheelie or break the rear tire loose with a twist of the throttle like the 400. I think that is the biggest difference.

I think I'll go with the 250. Possibly a few mods for a little more power. I found a 2002 for $1,600. Looked really clean. Might have to look into it.

I have both. For the tight, technical stuff around here... I generally find myself on the 250.

If you're over 6ft tall or ride more open terrain, you may like the 400.

Good Luck!

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