Where's the best place to get a custom graphics kit? Most places I look don't have them for a bike as old as mine (1998 cr250) any suggestions? Thanks.

Try Whipped Custom Graphix. They are in Utah. They will pretty much do what ever you want. My bike is an 01 so not too many options out there and custom was the best way to go for me. Their stuff is very durable.

I've been looking at decalmx but they are a little pricey at about 300 a custom kit. Also heard about ecd custom but don't know much about them, has anyone had any experience with them? I'll have to go check out graphicmx and whipped.

They all look great. Time to get some dough for the graphics. Thanks for all your suggestions. is great...Bought my 1-800-collect mcgrath graphics for my 96 cr250 there:D

Ill check it out, thanks :) is great...Bought my 1-800-collect mcgrath graphics for my 96 cr250 there:D

had a good experience here too... made some custom (but simple) stuff for me... i get the impression they can pretty much do whatever you want, and the quality is great.

I'll definitely have to look into throttle jockey then. Thanks everybody :thumbsup:

Ryno Designs. You wont regret it.

Ryno Designs. You wont regret it.

Their website is down? Wasn't working for me.

If you have Facebook look up Ryno Designs. If not, hit me up and I will get you his phone number. He does great work. I guarantee your bike will be 100% unique when he is done.

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