dzr 400 power lack of problem

hi all im new on here,,,,i just bought a dzr 04 400 endurance,,heard alot about them so thought id give them a go,,im new to thumpers as ive always had race bikes,,,any way,,jumped on it and went to do a few wheelis,,problem was it never came up off the power,,had to give it marour clutch,,or majour tug on the bars,,all i get is 85mph no more,,someone said it might have bin geared up,,but this would obviously make it easier to come up off the power,,tried new filter but just the same,,,,any help would be much obliged,,,cheers folks,,,topp

Probably just gunna take some getting used to. the drz isn't really a "race bike" like you have been used to. What size sprockets does it have? Is it the supermoto or the S? Any upgrades or is it stock? How many miles? The drz is known for it's bullet proof quality and low maintanance, not power. Plenty of folks on this forum mod out their drz transforming the bike into a very agile/nimble wheelie machine! Check out epicmotosports and their 50hp package :thumbsup:

On the cheap, go with 14/47 sprockets if your not using your bike for much highway/commuting, and you'll feel more power.

A real E model with stock gearing would easily lift the front wheel in the lower gears.....either it is geared too tall or it's got some tuning and or some engine maintenance issues..

More details about the bike would be required to give an educated internet many miles on the engine?, when were valve clearance checked,? what is the current jetting,? when was it serviced last?.Any other mods?..etc........ATM the best you could aim for is a SWAG.....

thanks for the replys folks,,totaly stock with stock gearing,,no mods that im aware of,,12000mls and dont know when the last time the valves was done,,,

thanks for the replys folks,,totaly stock with stock gearing,,no mods that im aware of,,12000mls and dont know when the last time the valves was done,,,

and its the e model

and its the e model

Depending on it's previously use , it could be due for a top end rebuild or at least an inspection...

Give it a leak down test

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