What size a/c for my 16 x 7 enclosed trailer?

I'm debating between the dometic 13.5k btu or the 15k btu. Walls are finished and has rubber coin flooring. On first thought, I was going to go with the bigger unit. Using the logic bigger is better. But then I read somewhere that if I go too big, then the air will not be dried as it cools, may stay damp in other words. Any thoughts on which one will work based on the size trailer I have?

13.5 should be plenty for a small trailer like that. Even that might be a little overkill but 13.5 is a common size for RV air conditioning.

Thanks for the feedback! Want to make sure I get it right the first time. lol!

Thanks for the feedback! Want to make sure I get it right the first time. lol!

I mean either would be fine. We had a 13.5k coleman on our pop up and it was able to keep something as poorly insulated as that plenty cold during the summer. The pop up was one of the largest models available w/2 king beds. So more space to cool then your trailer. But then again this was in PA our Summer heat usually doesn't break triple digits too often.

I think I would rather have a fan outside than AC. I think it would be hard acclimating. Cooling way down and then suiting up to ride? I think I would feel worse. Slow passive cooling, misting too. I am all for getting out of my gear between motos on real long days too.

I have a 9600 Coleman in my hybrid trailer (14x7 box with pop out beds).

It does well up to 104 degrees or so.

I can pull it with my Honda 2k genny when needed.

Don't think you can pull a 13.5 A/C with the Honda.

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