06 low coolant

my coolant is super low every time i check it. Last summer it used to stay up around the top of my radiator so i could still see the coolant but for the past few weeks its super low and even when i lean my bike way down i cant see it, i fill it up every time its low and it takes a lot I don't think that it is being blown out because it never gets hot, I can always hold my hand on my motor for a few seconds whenever i stop. I've checked my hoses and I can't find a hole and none of them are loose. I haven't changed my oil yet to look at the color but it doesn't look unusual through the sight glass. Any idea what could be happening?

Try a different radiator cap first. A head gasket leak was what caused this on my friends KX450F.

I'd guess you have a head gasket leak. So combustion gases are going into your coolant and causing it to heat up and pressurize too much and steam out the cap overflow real soon.

In my 06, I had the same problem for a while, then one day I pulled off the track after some play racing and talked to my friend for 10 or 15 minutes. When it was time to go my bike would not start. Never had this happened to me before but I knew I had this coolant issue that was getting worse. So I pushed it what felt like a mile back to my trailer, and pulled out the spark plug and it was wet with coolant. So when the motor was stopped the coolant went back the other way and fouled my plug.

I've yet to pull the head off and put the new gasket in, but when I do it I'll also take some good advice I got here and check for head warp.

With the stock 1.3 cap, and a healthy cooling system I could ride on very hot days and never had a cooling issue. I tried a 1.6 cap which made no difference.

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