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Help a guy out. . new engine needed!

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Hey Guys, I am hitting my head agains a brick wall here in the UK.

At the weekend my beloved 2012 YZ250F went bang, and what a mess. . exploded the crank case punching a hole front and rear, barrel damaged etc, made a real mess of it. I have not had the time to diagnose what happened exactly. Ive always bought and rode Yams and can only put it down to real bad luck why this has happened. Super pissed about the whole thing but what is done is done and im trying to look forward.

Long story short, I am hoping you guys can help me with any contacts you may have that potentially source me a complete new engine that I can ship to the UK. I know some people break new bikes in the US and a obtaining a new motor would save me a lot of time and hasstle.

If anyone can give me contact details of persons, companies, etc, etc, that would be fantastic. Im genuinely stuck with options here in the UK.

I know they changed the chassis on the 12/13 but unsure of what engine mods were changed, it certainly felt amazing compaired to my 10' so I would like to replace like for like.

Cheers all, any help very much appreciated.



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