60 years old- What bike to get

Have not had a bike for a couple of years. Had all kind of dirt bikes and street over the years. Took a 75 mile ride on a Suzuki DR400S the other day. Boy was I impressed! I weigh 275 and it still pulled me pretty good. Want one, but then I was looking at Honda XR650L, and then I saw that new Husqvarna TR 650!!! Holy crap, was that a cool bike. I want a dual purpose, but will do mostly street rides. Maybe a dirt road here and there. Advice?

I bet that huskys nicevor a ktm

Get one with a side car so you can bring along your doctor

Just kidding enjoy

If it's in your budget check out the bmw hp2 enduro. Pretty cool bike and super comfy. Made for long distances and have seen it do some erzberg stuff.

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