Need advice on lighting for my street legal YZ400f

Hello, I am in need of some advice on my bike, a '99 YZ400F. I just bought it, and it has the baja designs light kit installed, but the lights are super dim. I know that the WR's have lights, and that some guys run WR stators and flywheels to power the lights. What I can't find is how much power the stock YZ stator makes, so I know where I'm starting at. I think the 98-99 WR stator puts out 80 watts above 5000rpm, is that enough to run the headlight and the LED turn signals and LED brake light? Or should I go with a higher output stator? I'm not wanting to run a battery. I'm also having a hard time finding WR parts on ebay and such, does anyone have any options or something I may not have thought of?

The stock YZ stator makes zero watts. There is no lighting coil on any YZ stator. If you have a YZ, I don't know how you wired up your lights to work. I assume the previous owner installed an aftermarket lighting coil to replace the stock YZ stator. These aftermarket lighing coil stators for the YZ make about 35 watts on a good day. If you tapped into the CDI charge coil, I'd be suprized that your lights work at all (and the bike still runs).

On your 400, a '98-'02 WR 400, 426, or an '01-'02 WR 250 stator and flywheel will bolt in. The stock WR stator is just enough to power a 55 watt headlight. At one time, Trail Tech made a 200 Watt stator for the '98-'02 WR's, and Im sure you could send a WR stator to Baja Designs for a 200 watt rewind.

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OK, I tore into my bike this week, and found that the PO has installed a wr400 stator and flywheel, and that the bike already has a baja designs r/r and a battery. It looks like part of the problem I'm having is that one of the yellow wires from the r/r is sent to ground. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this grounded yellow wire is supposed to go back down to the stator. I've seen this called floating the ground. Is this absolutely necessary, or just a mod to get more power? Are there drawbacks to floating the ground?

The other thing I'm wondering about is that the pink wire from the stator is still connected to the cdi box. I thought that this wire was supposed to be clipped and the cdi end grounded. The bike runs great, and I'm wondering if the cdi was also swapped with the WR one. I don't see any markings or a part # on the cdi, so I'm not sure. Any help you guys have will be greatly appreciated.

wr cdi runs with a wr stator, yz cdi runs with a yz stator. on my 99yz400 i put in a wr stator and it wouldnt fire i then put in the wr 400 cdi and it ran fine

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