Cr125 began revving under 0 load no throttle

Any help trouble shooting or pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

I have a 2000 CR125r which has been running fine for the past few rides. Yesterday, about half way through my day of riding, I was sitting with the bike in natural at idle when it just started to rev. The revving would stop and go back to the normal idle speed if I put it in gear and under load but if the clutch was pulled in it would begin to rev again. It has never done this to me before and began about half way through my day of riding.

Thanks for your time


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Check for air leaks around the carb area by spraying wd40 or other whilst running and listen for changes in idle,or check the crank seals aren't leaky.hope this helps

Yah my friend took the carb off my 125 so he could lean the needle and put it back in . Started up and it broke loose , as soon as it started it revved as high as possible and i took it off the stand because the killswitch isnt hooked up . To stall it and it dragged us across the garage and would not stop so he bootf**cked it and it finally died . Son of a pirch took us for a spin

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