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Fired her up! Couple questions now

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Finally got most of my stuff done and got it out for a few yesterday. Took a couple cranks since the carb was completely empty. But fired up without much drama and idled great. Havent even touched the carb again. Only rode for maybe 20 minutes, but WOW! First real ride on a wr since purchase in January. Just ran it down the street and back to make sure it shifted through the gears when I bought it, that it didn't make any funny sounds, etc

JD Jet kit, removed AIS, opened air box, grey wire, removed pea shooter, twin air filter. Added Tusk ds kit, enduro engineering rad guards and skid plate, and works connection hour meter.

This thing FN rips! Sliding around corner sideways in 2nd, power wheelies cranking it in 3d. Just holding on for dear life wide open. Felt very nimble, drifting it through the corner it just slide and went as soon as it got straight again Cant wait to get out and do some woods riding. 2.5 more weeks and I get a week off to go riding and fly fishing in pa.

Had been riding my DR650 dual sporting, and recently since selling that to fund my wr purchase, been exclusively riding my new triumph explorer. Compared to those, this feels like a mtn bike!

Anyhow, couple things popped up on my shake down run. My AIS temp fix didn't work, but I think I have that figured out. My speedo doesn't work. It turns on, but doesn't register.

After pulling the front wheel, I noticed my wheel sensor doesn't have this white ring.


Which Id assume is what reads the wheel speed. Should I look into trying to find a new sensor, or vote for something aftermarket to replace it like a Trailtech or such?

I also have some lateral play in my front brake disc. Is some acceptable ,and if so how much?

I wanna get this all taken care of before my little vaca and its coming up soon.

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Do you have a fixed or floating front disc?

If it's floating, that's normal. If it's fixed, it's NOT normal,since the disc bolts to the hub.

Is the whole hub moving??

That is not a sensor, it's a gear. If you have the WR hub, it will mate with the gear and spin the speedo.

If someone changed hubs, it won't work.

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Id assume floating, its got the large rivet looking things connecting the inner and outer sections. Theyre the stock 08 rotors from the pictures I see.

The inner gear "guts" appear to be missing from the wheel drive. The white section from the ebay picture isn't there. I dunno if theres another peice or not. Theres 2 small tabs on the wheel hub itself.

Im gonna stop down at the dealer tomorrow. Dunno if I can get any of those parts individually or not.

Those with the AIS blocked off on the 07+, did you just use the stock metal gasket to seal the port?

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