does a aftermarker silencer (fmf, pro circuit, etc) change the sound of the bike?

i know it changes the noise, but does it also change the way it sounds? i have a Pro Curcuit r-304 silencer, and my bike, a yz125 doesn't sound like most of the other 2 strokes.

could it be because of the r-304, or is there something wrong with the bike? if so, what?

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yes it does :)

Lol i took off my 304 and put on a stocker.

I never bought into the aftermarket exhaust (FMF and PC) for the 05 and up one two fives and two fifty's. They tested their pipes 7 or 8 years ago to put a somewhat mass produced pipe on the market, but Yamaha left little on the table for increases in HP. Sure their pipes might move the powerband up or down but produce little if no real HP gains. I mean it's not like they have gone back in the last 7-10 years and tried to improve their design. It just kills me when every used Yammie has an FMF or PC pipe listed as their NUMBER ONE selling point. It's like, okay I took 10 minutes to bolt on this pipe ( because the stocker was crushed ) and now my bike is golden. OH sure I never greased the linkage, AND forget about the swingarm pivot, or the steering head bearings, but hey " look at this shiny pipe ". Sorry for my rant but members on this forum KNOW what I am saying is true.

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