im looking at buying a crf250r

I guess this is kinda different than a normal question on here huh. alright so I'm looking at buying a crf250r, I've herd that the Honda four strokes had a valve problem. is this true, and if so how long do they last. idk if it helps but I ride sand dunes, trails and a track less then twice a year.

Clean your airfilter after every ride and the oils after 2-3 rides and you will be fine. Maintenance is key to keeping a bike going longer.

Their titanium intakes supposedly wear fairly quick in comparison to other bikes. However, the steel valve conversion in pretty inexpensive. The exhausts are already steel and last pretty long. I personally have been on 4 makes of mx bike in the past year until I got my crf. IMO the bike handles superbly and is worth a few bucks on the conversion.

The intakes are titanium and when the coating where's off they tend to wear quick. Big bore thumpers have new oem honda heads with steel valves and everything needed just shim and put your cam in for 575

Yes, Like the others said ,in the early years of the CRF250 there OEM Titanium intake valves wear very quick when the coating wears off,especially in the sand. Convert your intakes to SS and Have very HIGH standards when maintaining your bike and you should get alot of ride time.Good Luck

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