looking at buying a crf250r

hey guys this is a little different question huh. I'm looking at buying a crf250r, I've herd that the crf250r's have valve problems. is this true, if it is how long do they last. if it helps I ride sand dunes and trials. Are the valves expensive?

The stock intake valves tend to wear out quicker than other models.

You can buy stainless intake valves for $100 which are much more durable, so it's not really a big deal.

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I ride a complete stock except bark busters and wheels and carb 05 crf250r . It's been through 3 trips to Haspin Acres riding around my bike for hours , and the Ironman race . They finally wore down . I ordered parts from Motosport and got a good deal and I was riding again in 3 days

Yes the early years of the CRF250 did tend to have valve issues with there stock vlaves which are titaninum with a coating on them.Sand and dust get in there an eat up the coating on the valves and the soft titaninum starts to wear very fast. If you put in SS valves you will get more ride time on the bike, But also need to have VERY high standards when maintaining the bike and should have no problems getting 100 hours or more out of you top end. I just had the local shop do my valves with all KibbleWhite valves and springs and cost around $300.Good Luck. Ride Red

I have a 2004 crf and I did have the valves go out on me after a lot of riding. I did a valve job and a top end at the same time and the bike runs super strong. As long as you are good with cleaning the air filter and keeping your air box clean in general you wont have a problem. The newer bikes are for sure better but if you are looking for a good fun bike that will be great for track and tight trails then a used one will be great for you, just keep your maintenance schedule in check.

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