Start without battery

Just stuck my new WR450 in the shed. The battery is at the dealer getting charged. I tried to kick start it last night, but no go. Doesn't help it's -15C with the wind chill.

Two questions, will it start with the battery out by kicking? and what's the drill?

He hasen't given me the manual yet. Some day when it warms up a bit I'm going to go kick it some more if that will light it up. Might even take here around the block.

hello mate, you need the battery for your ignition. i dont know if theres a way around it but i would like to know if someone else has any ideas as the battery weighs quite a bit.

First do yourself a favor and get a Battery Tender Jr. It comes with a connector you leave on the bike. When you store it just plug it in and forget it. It is regulated to not overcharge the battery. Best $20 I've spent. As for kickstarting w/o the battery I haven't done it but I thought I read in another post that it is possible you just have to turn the switch on (but you won't get a light of course). You probably will want to tape up the ends of the battery cables to protect them from shorting to each other or the frame as the charge voltage will be there when the engine is running. Good luck and let us know what you find.

Yes it will start without the battery. You just push the button and when you kick it the button glows red while it is turning over and then goes out when it starts. I have been running without a battery since July. I know another guy that has never used his battery. He took delivery in Feb. He is a weight reduction fanatic and starter and battery were first things to go. I just got too paranoid about getting stuck somewhere and quit using mine. It was makin funny noises and not disengaging. Easiest fourstroke to kickstart I ever had and dont mind kickin. Tim

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