Mods for tight technical Woods riding?

Just curios what you guys recomend for tight technical woods riding. I am thinking of changing sprockets all ready since I will never need 5th gear at my age.

What about a trail tech heavier flywheel?

That was a mod that made a big difference on the old CRF450R but this KXF seams like it will lug and chug around the tight single track switchbacks just fine.

What have you guys found? Any other woods mods I should think about?

What year KXF?


I didn't see a heavy flywheel on Trail Tech's website, but I know steahly has one that they install a weight. I bought a used flywheel off ebay that was an optional

kawasaki heavy flywheel.

I don't do a ton of woods riding but I did just install a heavier oem flywheel and it really seemed to help with stalls.

My brother bought same bike and hated it in the woods because of stalling. He put the rekluse exp and loves it now.

Kawasaki make a heavier flywheel for the kxf 450

I have a slightly use (50hrs tops, $350) Rekluse Z Start Pro for sale that was my buddies. I also have a Rekluse in my KX450F and it is something I swear by for the woods.

I'm selling my rekluse z-start pro and rekluse clutch cover for $400 on eBay. Came out of my 2011 kx450f, worked great for trails but it's just not for me

AJ, I have the Rekluse z-start pro, I don't ride trails much at all, but when I do it's really easy to use. I think you should go for it and get one. You can adjust the grab rate (hit) and the grab/slip range (rpms), plus you have the usual lever to meter out the power as you wish at higher revs. I like the hard hit (all balls installed) and the lowest RPM grab. You'll never ever stall the motor again by slowing the rear wheel.

I've put about 250 hrs on my pro clutch and it's just keeps on going. I use CRF450R fiber pads and my current set has done about 200 hours using Shell diesel oil, and I use the clutch lever in every slow corner. Typical 450 manual clutch method with throttle fixed partly open then I meter out the power with the left hand. The beauty of the z-start pro clutch is once the revs come up, it becomes a locker and you cannot burn it out. But if you abuse the auto clutch slip at very low revs all the time, then I think you'd wear it out real quick.

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