clutch issues on Dungey bike

I recently replaced the stock bellville washer with the new 280 psi one on my 2012-1/2 Dungey 450. Now the clutch seems to some times act funny (sporadic) and not completely dis-engage. When the lever is pulled in all the way to the bar, it still manages to creep forward and will not go into neutral. Could the issue be cold weather? When warm it doesn't seem to happen?

Few things to check:

- Hydraulic fluid height

- Stack height and stack order.

Generally speaking, cold temps is when things will be looser, which means the clutch would disengage easier in the cold. However, considering you just installed the new pressure application system, I would assume in that process something changed. Most likely, you don't have enough hydraulic pressure to push the excess force of the bellville washer, thats my guess. The reason why is unknown at this point, but I'd just look at everything once more.

You have I II and III on the outer ring, which number did you torque it properly on? I used I for it doesnt drag on startup any more...

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I thought I installed the bellville washer in the same orientation as the old one. What is the correct torque? I did not see it listed in the owners manual. I think I went to 7 or 8 lbs torque. I'll check to see what position the washer is in.

I thought I installed the bellville washer in the same orientation as the old one. What is the correct torque? I did not see it listed in the owners manual. I think I went to 7 or 8 lbs torque. I'll check to see what position the washer is in.

Your not thinking of bolt torque? The Bellville washer has indentations on it for adjustment....where did you set it at?

See the lines, the tip of the screw driver is pointing the the |||....the || is just below it on the bolt...those are for adjustments. Did you have those properly set?

This picture is outta my 500exc...


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I did not notice the I, II, III markings. What's the best setting for motocross? Is the correct setting determined by how the screws are installed?

I did not notice the I, II, III markings. What's the best setting for motocross? Is the correct setting determined by how the screws are installed?

Lol, I'm not at home now so I can't look. I think the standard is 2 but I'm not sure. I would look in your manual....

The standard position is number 2 or the two slashes position. Did you look at the plates steel and fibers? Did you look at the basket and inner hub for wear? You also need to check the inner hub rubber dampers, if there is play anywhere in that hub the dampers need replacing. I would be surprised if the hydraulic master cylinder got damaged/air/etc during your installation, but u will for sure need to adjust the clutch lever position because of the extra pack pressure with the new Belleville washer. My bike needed 2 new complete clutches before I got the 280 washer! That's with oil changes every two hours to try and keep it alive! I do Mx and enduro since 280 wager/new clutch I've had no issues. Almost 40hrs total now(25 since 280 washer)

If you want no drag at startup then put it on I,

I think the best is II for the longevity of the clutch

III is just too hard and the bike will always pull you forward wearing the clutch out faster

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