Buy a new 125/150/250 two stroke or move to a 450 four stroke?

Ok so I don't want to hear from any 2 stroke fanboys. I like both engines just the same. I just love the snappy rush off power on my 125, and I was thinking about moving to a 450. I know I would love the smooth, lowe end through sky high revs power. I also would like the stability of a four stroke and the ability to be able to focus on more riding the track than worrying about if I'm constantly in too high or too low of a gear. I just love the lightness of my 125. I want to buy a new bike, and don't know whether to get a new 125/150/250, or a 450. I'm going to keep my 125 but it needs some stuff. I will be racing mx, so I want to focus on getting good positions. It's just at my small track at my house, the bumps are a bit smaller than at big tracks with rollers and huge bumps. So at my track, I just pin it over them in like 5th gear and let my suspension work. So it makes me feel like, "wow I really love the power and lightness of this 125" but I go to a track and I get so beat up on the rollers and bumps because its so light, and its so hard to clear jjumps, and it needs new back and front tires, and all new plastic. When I'm at the track, I'm like wow Id like a four stroke, they track better and are more stable, power through the whole throttle range, focus more on riding the track, then getting my bike to work. I've never ridden a four stroke before, and I won't have the chance. I have ridden a raptor 660, a raptor 250, and a yfz 450. I know the 450s have quite a bit more power and more aggressive power than those though as tighter gearing

Have you ever heard someone say the grass isn't always greener on the other side? Well sometimes thats true but sometimes its complete crap. Sometimes the grass is greener.

If I were you I would find a way to ride a 250 or 450 4 stroke bike to see if its really what you want. Sounds like you have your own place to ride. Find someone you like at the local track with a 4 stroke and tell them to come ride your track at the house. Then you could try out that bike.

I personally like the 2 strokes better but I can understand you wanting to try a 4 stroke. My situation was completly reversed from yours. I had always had 4 stroke bikes (last bike was crf450) and I wanted a 2 stroke. I found a friend with one who let me take it out for an hour. A week later I had a 2 stroke in my garage and could care less about getting another 4 stroke.

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let me give you some honest advice here, You need to really need to honestly evaluate your skill level. If you are good rider and have the riding techniques down you can move to the 250F or 450F. Now let me tell you about my experience on the bikes. I started at the age of 20 on 125 2 stoke, spent about one season on the bike, I did not learn the clutch and throttle control, but i thought the grass was greener on the other side, and in my ignorance decided to get a 450F. The power is not something that scares me but It can kill you if you abuse it. Yes I can clear jumps but any person who has balls and twists the throttle and clear jumps on a 450F. But the hardest thing is getting used to the engine breaking and the weight. Its heavy I'm not gonna lie, and I sometimes stall it in a corner for example and you have to put it in neutral and then kick it. I nearly about puked for being so tired. Since then I have been working out and have been much fitter and its helped a lot in that department. I am really battling getting used to the bike, for example the corners are killing me,

I am buying a 125 in the next few weeks, But I am also keeping the 450F because it just have too much money in it, and I will use both on the mx track.

Hope this helps you a bit, but I really wish I kept the 125. on a parting note the 250F or 450F will not make you a better rider, If anything it will make you a lazy rider if you cant ride a bike well ,but if you are a good rider a 250F make you a faster rider.

but for me it has slowed down my learning and it sucks fighting the bike all the time.

The 450 is one of the hardest bikes to ride. I had a friend who is a pro rider move up to a 450 finally and is having a tough time going fast on it. I do have to say it teaches you to mellow out and be consistent and not fight the bike but let it do its own thing and hunt around for traction. They are kind of the open class bike of today. The 500s 20 years ago had 60 horsepower kind of like the 450s of today. It takes special people to be able to push the bike the way it can be. You gotta think coming from a bike that has 25 hp to 55 hp thats going to be really tough. You might want to do a 250 2 stroke for a few months then a 450 to make it a bit easier. I have to say the being an advanced rider, I never rode another bike that you can push so hard and still can push it and never feel like your pushing to the limits. No other bike is like that.

Pro tip. IF your considering a big bike hit the weight room as strength makes it easier to ride a big bike.

"I do have to say it teaches you to mellow out and be consistent and not fight the bikeicon1.png but let it do its own thing and hunt around for traction."

This is what I would say about my 125. I really want a four stroke, and I'm not gonna pay 8699 for a 250f. too many problems and gonna have to move up eventually. I just really want that full range of power, and more weight doesn't sound all bad to me. Not to mention no used bike problems which have recently bothered me.

i have a SX250 and SXF450

what is the most fun to ride SX250

what is easier to jump SXF450

what can i do faster lap times on SXF450

what feels like i am doing faster lap times on and gives you by the far the biggest grin SX250

what corners the best SX250

cheapest to rebuild SX250

what one will i sell in 12 months so i dont get stuck with re build cost SXF450

dont get me wrong i love my 450 it is so much fun to ride but unless you can afford to up grade to a new bike every 12 months buy the SX 250

The kx 250 is a monster for a dirtbike, it's not as heavy and handles better, and with the five speed tranny it's got finding the right gear isn't as hard as the ole six speeds

With that said the 450 is harder to handle but once you get used to it makes a good race bike, alot less clutch work and the power band doesn't tear your arms off when you ride like the 250, but I agree with the above you really need to try both of them out before you sink a couple crams in the wrong bike, the good think about both kx 250 and 450 is you don't have to worry about outgrowing them!!

Thanks guys I'm about to try out my friends new 2013 kx450f today

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