Cr 500 twin cylinder

Does anyone else have the same fantasies as me. I really think it would be sweet to put two 2001 cr 250 motors together or put two 2005-2007 cr 250 motors together!

Call me crazy but the simpler option would be to borrow the engine out of a Banshee and rebuild it with a cheetah cub cylinder that'll get you close to the 500cc mark. But just think of that mess of pipes you have to deal with.

I think there's a reason why these didn't catch on...

Yankee 500z


I'm lucky enough to have seen one running in person.

The exhaust note had to have been amazing!

The exhaust note had to have been amazing!

Idk the guy never really revved it or anything it basically just idled. I get to watch/listen to these every weekend I go to the coalhills. IMO the banshee's sound a lot better then that Yankee did.

and why would you want such an overly complicated, heavy , rediculous bike??


Trinity Racing makes a 750cc engine for the banshee...... Just sayin ; )

Its just the thought of having something no one else has!

Buy a new Maico 700cc 2-stroke.

I didn't even know maico was still around!:huh:

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