Faction mx valves?

Hey guys well needless to say I dropped a valve exhaust left side to be exact luckily didn't trash the whole top end did some small damage to the top of the piston and that valve seat but anyway the question is has anybody ran faction mx valves and if u did how did they hold up I found a place on eBay I can get them for a really good price it's all 3 intake valves both exhaust and new gaskets for around 250 plus all new springs and there stainless steel I'm up for any ideals,tips or recommendations I'm trying to get this thing built and built right without killing the bank and btw this happened on a brand new 290 big bore kit ( thank god i wasnt redline )guess this is the hassle of buying a used not running yz250f never again will I build one without buying new valves and cutting the seats and lapping new valves in thought I would be ok for awhile but hey u live and learn some of us just learn the hard way lol but anyway thanks in advance for any help

I've never heard anything bad about Faction MX valves but the OEM's really aren't that expensive and are titanium. I've always used OEM they're the best deal out there.

I have faction MX intake valves and they are great! I had the seats recut to match. I broke them in easy with a tank of gas, adjusted the valves once and that was it. Have put about 60 hours on them MX and hare scrambles, hill climbs etc.

I bought stock titanium valves before and they wore out so quick. They are just too soft for hard riding. Was very disappointed. I could not tell a performance difference from stock to stainless steel either. All 5 valves for 250? That's a steal! At the time faction was the only manufacture that had valves in stock for yz250f's just the intakes springs seals for 230. Supply and demand sucks haha

Thanks for the replys guys yea I figured they would be more reliable than the stock ones being steel I was kindof worried about the performance issue but glad to hear first hand that u can't really notice a difference

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