Kx250 won't run

Ok so I bought this 98 kx250 that needed a crank seal. So I tore the motor down to do a replace the seals and ended up needing crank bearings and a piston. But anyway I got it finished and started it and it ran perfect but then the throttle cable broke. So I bought a new one and now the bike doesn't run very good.its very boggy now.and the weird thing is it will only stop if you pull the mixture screw completely out. Any ideas of what it might be.it also is blowing black oil out of the exhaust.

Black oil means its usually too rich,needs to be rejetted.

Check the muffler packing also,if its soaked in oil replace the packing.

So what your saying is since the cable broke and a new one has been installed,its running bad?

Does your bike have a standard exhaust system?

Ya the bike was fine until the cable broke. I put the new one on and it would not run it was bogging out and was blowing black oil every where. And no it has a fmf fatty and silencer.

Clip not missing off the needle or anything?

Thanks a lot I went out tonight and I moved the clip on the needle up one and now the bike runs perfect

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