LPO Trail Work Parties 4/27 and 4/28


The NE region DNR is holding two days of work parties this Saturday and Sunday. Meet and be ready to ride and cut by 9:30 AM both days at the Radar Dome trailhead just across HWY 20 from Tacoma Creek road. Anyone wishing to volunteer should bring their bikes, gloves, and any helpful trail tools like chainsaws, loppers, pruning shears, small pulaski, or even just a strong back. 24 hours qualifies for one free Discover Pass. If you plan on coming please give us an idea of what day you are coming, how many people in your party, and if you have a chainsaw you can carry on your bike.

Is the snow gone enough to do very many miles of work?

We should be able to cut 35-40 miles this weekend. Sunday we drove to the top of Radar Dome in my Jeep without any issue. There were a few patches of snow, but nothing big. All of the DNR land should be accessible.

Here is the link to the event:


Just an FYI, the trails do not get cut out by DNR or USFS in this area. All of the work is volunteer and we do it to keep the opportunities for trail riding open. The area will be full of riders Memorial weekend, but we would sure love to see some of these faces earlier helping to shoulder the work.

Few of us might be coming over end of June. Never been there so we'll see.

Let me know Mike, have a few days off around the end of June ;) Plenty of riding for three days, then there is Idaho :)

Idaho rules!

I'm out for a bit with baby and ankle, but do you know if anyone has started cutting through on the batey side yet? Looking to fab up a saw mount for the bike in the interim and get out cutting mid June.

Sorry for the late reply Seth. Some guys began cutting Batey this weekend, lot of deadfall. We have LPO cut out except for about 4 miles up on Green Mtn. Beginning to cut toward Batey from Flodelle on Saturday. Should make it to Tacoma Crk road at least.

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