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Leak jet question

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still got bog after AP mod and jetting to our Altitude so

I looked for a leak jet (has a #58 now)... and have only found that I can only get a #48 size.

I would like to get a #40 leak jet

do you know were I can get one ?

Will a leak jet from any FCR type carb work ?

thanks to everyone in advance

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Changing the leak jet will only increase the amount of fuel to the apump cavity.

It may not do any thing else.

You HAVE TO lift up the subframe and WATCH the apump squirt (dead engine) to see if it's working correctly:

6'+ squirt, for 1 sec, no more, all the way into the head, missing the slide every time.

If you don't get all of that happening, it won't work well.

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