Does an o-ring go here?

I have a 1995 kx250 that recently discovered had a little coolant in the stator compartment. I pulled the stator off only to discover a slightly shredded o-ring on the taper of the crank. I didn't think much of it and just planned to replace it but I'm not even sure that it belongs there. I can't find an o-ring on any microfiche behind the stator. I'm starting to think that the guy that sold the bike to me put it there to slow the leak of a bad seal. Anyone want to shed some light? Thanks.

No, no o-ring is on the stator side of that motor. Only a crank seal.

There is also no reason for coolant to be in the stator area :excuseme:

It's premix.

Check the three divots for leaking.

Look for Eric Gorr and KX60

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