Ran into another problem...

Hi TT. So I bought a 2008 xcf-w 250 with only 44 hours on it and its been sitting for about 2 years. So I took off the gas tank to drain the old gas and put new gas in, and i found that the breather hose that connects from the carb to the valve cover was cracked in half where it connects into the valve cover. So once I got that fixed (new right angle connector and o-ring), i put in a new battery, spark plug and air filter and she fired up right away. It was running great until I went for a ride... I swear this thing smokes more than a two stroke now. It constantly burns oil (You can smell it but at only certain times can you can see white smoke). So I went to clean the air filter today and I found a puddle of engine oil in my air box. At first I thought I just put on way too much air filter oil but I noticed the smell of it and the colour of it, it's defiantly engine oil. I think that it's coming from the breather hose as I could see a little drip coming from the opening where it connects to in the carb. Now, I may have the wrong part because the part is for a 2007 xcf-w 250, the reason I ordered that is the guy that sold the bike said it was a 2007 but after running the VIN online it says 2008 and looking at pictures online, its a 2008. Any idea on how to fix this oil problem?


Piston rings/bore damaged ?? If its been stood for so long there maybe a chance that the bore has got tarnished/rusty in one place if the engine was never turned over while the bike was stood.

So maybe the oil scraper ring has broken when you started it up, so oil is getting into the combustion chamber and the causing the smoke and the pressure from combustion is leaking past the rings pressuring the crankcase forcing oil out the breather into the air box.

I had this on an old Honda XL185 I bought that was stood for a long time..

Hope you get it sorted and get behind bars soon..

Hey! Thanks for the reply. So today i took everything apart and i think the cylinder and piston is in pretty good condition. But how do you check if the rings are damaged or not? ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1366865170.109084.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1366865196.668331.jpg

Looks pretty good to be honest!! Next I would make sure all the oil filters/screens are clear. Was it over filled with oil? Stick anew set of rings in it or a piston kit, new filters through out new oil and see how it goes..

Just because the rings look ok doesn't mean they are ok. Look up the procedure and specs on ring end gap and thick them. You will know for sure if your within spec


Check out that thread not sure if its same year bike or not though but it will show you what to look for.

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