where to get replacement rubber plugs/pads on exhaust side panel

Does anyone know where to get replacement rubber plugs/pads (not sure what you would call them) on the exhaust side panel. They just keep the plastic off of your pipe. I have a yz250f and lost one and even when i bought a new acerebis side panel it didnt come with any. the plastic is wearing and scratching my pipe.


You can get them through your Yamaha dealer. You may also find Yamaha side panels fit better and don't rub the pipe.

Thanks i figured a dealership for last resort, but i remember few years back they came with new plastics but i guess things have changed

They probably come on the OEM plastics but not aftermarket. I try to stick with OEM anyways. I have found aftermarket plastics to be brittle and break easily they also fade in sunlight much more quickly.

I just got a UFO kit for my YZ and it has the rubber piece on it.

You could go to a hardware store, buy a hard rubber plug, and just glue it onto the panel.

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