2008 yz250f header guard smoking? Need help please

Hey guys im new to the forums, i just bought a 2008 yz250f dirtbike however as i was putting the bike away once i had ridden it, i noticed that the join from the pipe to the guard was smoking? I did abit of research but wasn't successful. Does anyone know whats wrong with it, im sure its not leaking but its coming from the join? The pipe also gets very hot very quickly. Is this normal, i had a KLX 140 befor this and am new to motocross bikes so i dont really know.

Cheers :)

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The pipe getting hot quickly is normal. As far as it smoking, most likely something touched it and it was just burning off when it heated up. Should be nothing to worry about unless it constantly smokes. I am an American and I have no idea what you Aussies mean by join in relation to bikes. :ride:

'Join' is the point where the muffler attaches to the head pipe.

The pipe getting hot quickly is normal, it is a thin wall pipe and transfers heat quickly. Do not fire the bike up and just liet it sit and idle. Ride it, keep air passing over the engine.

The join is not supposed to smoke. It is veru possible the previous owner did so hack method of sealing the pipe. You can remove the muffler and check the sealing gasket (it is a thick, grey/graphite like item).

Thanks for the clarifcation on what a join is. I have never heard anyone use that term before in relation to dirtbikes. I agree with William1. If it is smoking where the header meets the muffler, then either the previous owner tried to seal it with something or when he put it back together, something was left in there or got stuck in there and it is just burning off. It should be real easy to take apart and find out.

cheers guys for the replies. Im going down south for four days and going to go on some tracks there so ill see if the the smoking persists.

Thanks :)

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