2008 CRF70 for $200 should I get it?

I have the chance to buy a crf70 for $200, now the problem. Problem is it was ran on low oil and they said the piston is froze up. The bike is in great condition and other then that problem nothing is wrong with it. Do you think I should buy the bike and if I do buy it what route should I take to repair it? Just put a 88 or 117 kit in it or go with a whole new motor? Any help would be great, what you would do?

If its truly great condition, jump on it.

If its truly great condition, jump on it.

Yea it's in great condition body wise and motor looks good, tires are good just the motor is locked up.

big bore kits are plentiful, and you could probably source a low hour used top end for under $100.

Be prepared to spend a lot of money. You won't know how much until you get it apart. If the motor seized up quickly, there's a good chance the connecting rod is bent. I know this from firsthand experience. You can rebuild the crank, but with the price (and uncertainty of the quality) of labor, you'd be better off just buying a new assembly. That's about $300 right there for just the crank (more than a new small block Chevy crank). You might be able to find something cheaper in the aftermarket.

Then, you have to worry about other collateral damage. The cylinder on the bike I bought was unusable. When the con rod bent, it took off a chunk of the cylinder down at the bottom. Bearings were suspect, too. You need to worry about the lubrication to the head. The cam could be scored. Lots of things that need lubrication could be damaged. Don't forget to add in the cost of gaskets and seals. And, if you didn't find everything that needed to be replaced the first time, be prepared to go into the cases again.

I hate to think about what I spent on my bike. Probably close to $600 and I found some deals on the topend parts (cylinder, pistion, rings, head). Rebuilding a bike isn't like rebuilding a car. In general, the aftermarket is nothing like it is for cars. You usually find higher performance parts for the same as OEM stock parts, but it's difficult to find stock replacement parts that are cheaper than OEM.

You could probably scrounge up parts on ebay for less than I paid. I bought all new Honda parts, with the exception of the top end parts that were new takeoffs with zero time. Waiting for deals on ebay just takes time.

Don't overlook the shock and swingarm. The shocks don't last long and the swingarms have been known to crack at the shock mount. Also, if the swingarm bolt came loose, the frame gets wallowed out.

I figured if I was to spend $600 in just parts and $200 for the bike in great condition I'll still be able to ride for less than $1000. And I was also thinking maybe instead of dropping ~$600 in just parts for a stock 70 (which I already have a stock 70) going buy a whole new motor like a 108. I did a quick look over yesterday and the shocks and swingarm are fine the bike really does look brand new for being a '08.

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