case damage due to worn bearings?

Bought a 90 KX250 which has case damage (worn area at bottom) due to extremely worn bearings. New crank and bearings came with bike. Wondering if the case wear will have any affect on the sealing of the crank or any other problems anyone may anticipate before I dump any more money into the bike. Thanks.

Is the bearing area worn? If ran a LONG time, then they can become out of round. On some cases, machine work can be done to create inserts to properly house the bearings.

For a high-performance, high-maintenance bike about to turn 24, it sounds like a lot of trouble and cost.

The bearing area isn't damaged as far as I can tell. The only damage is at the bottom of the case where the crank lobes(?) were rubbing. About 1/16" of case material removed.

If the bearrings sit in their races tightly, I say run it, with a skidplate to protect the soft spot.

As long as oil isn't dripping out and you can't poke something in there then it should be ok. Keep watching tho. I second the skid plate idea

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