Really wanting to get a set of plastics and graphics if price is right . Or just graphics .

For 05 crf250r

Anyone know some other places ??

Limited decal or 139 designs! I just got my limited decal graphics In today and they look awesome

How much is the difference in those places from like Decal Works ??

Pretty much the same

Pretty much the same

might be a little more expesive but with a 139designs kit you pretty much get a fully custom kit. and there stuff holds up good. aj catanazaro runs 139 designs graphics

I have been looking at some of the various custom decals sites myself and I gotta say, just going off of the online offerings Limited Decal ( thanks alliere for the heads up!) really is cool stuff!

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No problem here's what my limited decal graphics look like


I went to Fusion graphics, i wanted the hart and huntington graphics for my 08, but with redbull logo instead of rock star, no one else would do it and decal works wanted $560!? Fusion hooked me up i talked with Scotty and he's going the email me the look, im stoked and its only $300!!

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