I put a hinson single spring setup in my 2010 this weekend

I put the single spring set up in and so far I love it, no fade what so ever, clutch pull is like a 125 or easier . but I also had 3/8" added to the clutch actuator. I had that done with the stock clutch, but it works even better with the single spring.

How was the install? Pretty straight foward? I am deployed now and buying up some goodies for my dirt bikes for when I get home. A replacement clutch kit or totaly new set up were on my mind for upgrades. I am just wondering what to do.



And how much did you pay for it?

I only paid $310 for it on ebay, the installation is super easy, takes longer to put a stocker in. Came with the inner hub, spring and necessary hardware and pressure plate.

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