Key cut

I need to get another key cut for my Drz any ideas Where to do that? I don't have a local Suzuki dealer.

Any decent locksmith should be able to do it or order a key blank online and bring it to the locksmith. I had some trouble getting my key cut for my '00 DRZ400S. The locksmith tried a few ILCO keys first, but they had to be jiggled to actually turn the ignition key cylinder. I believe at least one of them was an ILCO mentioned here on the forum. The groove that was cut down the center of the key was too wide.

He ended up using a house-brand key and it worked great, cost me $5.

I have two keys cut locally from Ilco blanks. Blanks are stamped X117 and YH48 if that is useful info. They work fine--no jiggling required.

Actually just looked at the key, it had the locksmith's name stamped over ILCO... but it's a YM51 (X75).

I did a little digging when I needed a set of spares ( ended up more confused than when I started (I must be missing something around how the keys are named/numbered). The spare ignition key for my SM works perfectly, but it's an Ilco x257 and doesn't match the profile view I pulled from the Ilco catalog.

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