04 RM 125 to 03 RM 250 suspension swap possible?

I have a 03 RM 250 with the not-so-great KYB suspension. Tried re valve, and adjusting but still dont like it. I am 168 lbs with gear, B rider. I just purchaced forks & shock from a 04 RM 125 (showa) and would like to swap - anyone have experience with this?

1) will the forks fit in the tripple clamps?

2) should I use my fork & shock springs or is the 125 and 250 the same?

3) Will the shock bolt in and same length?

-Thanks in advance, AL

I think they do fit in the clamps, the springs on the rm 125 are stiff in the rear so it maybe usable but the fork springs will be too soft, the lengths I think are the same

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