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1974 TC185 Wiring Diagram

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I made a huge mistake and I knew better. I was riding my TC185 home from work when it died at an intersection. I pushed it off to the side and found the fuse (it only has 1) blown. Luckily the original spare was still there so in it went and off I went. 1 mile from home and it dies again. I walked home and got another, 5 blocks away and the same. Here's where stupid arrived, since I was out of fuses and so close to home, I by passed it.

I got home and parked it and noticed smoke from under the seat. So here is where I wish a camera was running, after the fact it might have been comic to watch; I lift the seat and notice smoking wires, my reaction is to go for a screw driver to disconnect the battery, I grab a cross tip and part of the harness starts to flame! So I'm blowing the flame out, trying to get the negative screw loose and I guess the insulation on the starter wire melts through because the starter engages while I'm doing all this and the bike starts being driven forward while I'm blowing at a small fire and trying to pull the battery.

Well I got the fire out and the battery disconnected and I've ruined the harness. Months later now and I have replaced the front and rear harness with used ones, the lights work and the starter spins the engine but there’s no spark. I repaired the wires that had damaged insulation on the regulator and all else seem okay.

So here is what I don’t know, is the regulator a rectifier and regulator? Is there a way to test it or any modern fixes like the RadioShack rectifier swap that is popular on other vintage bikes?

Also, I have spent a lot of time trying to find a wiring diagram with no luck. I was going to order a service manual but it seems they don’t have one included. Does anyone have one scanned?

I’ll try to get some pics of my fried harness as a lesson on what not to do!


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