Lowering Link

So whats the deal with installing a lowering link on the WR 450? Seems like there are a lot of mixed opinions. I ride 95% woods and single track and will gladly give up 1 or 2" of the over 12" of suspension I have for the ability to easily put a foot down.

I used to have a Suzuki DR350 and it had this cutout section in the saddle that made it easy to get a foot on the ground. Seems like when the going got tough, that bike got better and better compared with the CR's and WR's I ride with. Now that I have a WR I kind of miss that feature.

I have heard that a lowering link changes the geometry and the rear end becomes too soft for those over 200 - 220 LBS and the proper way is to have the shock re-sprung and/or revalved.......can I just cheat and set the sag to be a bit more than I need and then slide the forks up in the tubes the same ammt in the front?

At over 170 pounds a heavier spring is definitely needed, and at 200-220 pounds you'll need to compensate for the extra leverage. Factor in at least 10% heavier spring rate. If you are 200 pounds get a spring rate for a 220 pounder, if you are 220 pounds get a spring rate for a 245 pounder. Go on the heavier side if you are in between spring rates.

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