New Shorai battery and Fisher seat for spring

I bought my drz end of last season an it was pretty cold when i brought it home so I only rode it twice before parking it for the winter. Which was fine because it was a little tall for me but still manageable. So over the winter I sent my seat to fisher saddlebags to have it modified. Fisher's main focus on seats is widening them an making them more comfortable but will basically do whatever you want. I had mine lowered, widened just a little bit, and softer foam added. They also removed a liitle bit more foam by the tank so you can hug the tank more. So far i love the seat, its really comfortable but i havent gotten alot of rides in on it yet. However I dont think it quite as low as I had planned, I requested 2 inches but I feel like its maybe only an inch lower but it stil helps and i like it.



I feel like it was a good balance between looks and comfort, any wider and it would take away from the look of the SM.



Also over the winter i didn't have the DRZ on a tender at all an the battery died. I put it on a charger and some testers at my work but the most i could get out of it was less than 1 volt. So while i had the seat off I installed a new battery. I wanted something different an figured it was a chance for an upgrade so i went with a Shorai LFX battery. I was really amazed with the packaging and weight of the Shorai. The install was super easy and they inlude all the adhesive foam to fill the extra space in the battery box. After i installed it the bike cranked over effortlessly and fired right up.


Heres how it comes packaged with foam, stickers, terminal hardware, and instructions.



Foam blocks installed.


The battery installed and the old battery for size comparison.

The seat looks great. I have a Shorai in my Tiger and it's been great for over a year. Very light weight.

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Very nice, so do these Shorai batteries need to be kept on a battery tender too?

Besides big weight savings, what are the advantages of getting a Shorai over a full size stock battery?

You need a lithium battery charger. I think Shorai makes their own. The batteries hold their charge much longer than standard acid batteries.

Well they have a lot higher cold crankin amp rating than the stock battery. Also they have a slower discharge rate so as long as the bike isn't stored or sitting for a really long time they say they dont need to be on a tender. Plus they have a 2 year warranty.

I think your going to really like that Fisher....mine is awesome.

I think your going to really like that Fisher....mine is awesome.

I was out on it yesterday again and i am loving it! The little bit of extra width was the perfect amount for the added comfort. Even my girlfriend is anxious to try it out.

how wide is it?

how wide is it?

its about 8.5 inches at the widest spot. The factory is around 6.5

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