Aluminum Tie Down Track

I did a search and didn't find anything regarding this:

I'm building a new enclosed trailer and am ready to get the chocks and tie-down-points installed. My plan was to go with recessed D-Rings, but does anyone use the aluminum tie-down track like the following:

Seems like it would be more versatile to install (3) 1 or 2 foot sections on the trailer floor, but the recessed D-Ring setup with backing plates seems way more secure.



In my toy hauler, I used e-track. Two reasons: I could attach it with many screws/bolts for strength, and it gives many different attachments and positions to tie down to.

My truck bed has Nissan's Utili Track system. I absolutely love it, it makes hauling just about anything easier. I could see it being useful in a trailer as well.

I used E track as well. Mine is screwed into the plywood every other hole and bolted down at every stud.


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Thats cool looking track for sure. The D rings are great and the track pictured above is versatile and super secure installed as cfr250rider1000 posted above ( sweet trailer by the way) and you can find all kinds of different rings/ties/mounts to clip in at any Home Depot / Lowes / trailer supply place. You could always mount both.

I ended up going with the recessed D-Rings (3 up front) for now. I'll add the E-track to the walls and probably (3) 4' pieces of Airline Track on the floors for additional mounting points.

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